Meal Prices & Menus

Meal Prices     Regular                                                       Reduced
Breakfast        $1.50 (all Campuses)                                   $0.30
Lunch             $2.40 (CES & CIS) $2.70 (CJH & CHS)        $0.40

Please click on "LINKS" to access the MySchoolBucks Online Prepayment Service. You will need your child's STUDENT ID NUMBER to access their account. You may call 903-567-5312 to get your child's ID number.

You may still send cash or check with your child to prepay for meals as well as the Online System.

Please call Brittany Brown, Cafeteria Manager, if you have any questions. 903-567-6418.
You may download our menu app at School Lunch by Nutrislice.  
You can also go to to see our menus.