Mrs. Whitton is a Special Education Aid/Bus Driver at Canton Intermediate School. She graduated from Brebner High School in South Africa and received her college degree from the College of South Africa. Mrs. Whitton is married to Mark Whitton and they have one daughter Tayor and one son Landon. A hobby that she enjoys is horseback riding.
Mrs. Whitton has been employed with Canton ISD for 5 years and what she enjoys most about her job is working with student and the wonderful staff at CIS
Mrs. McLeod, Canton Intermediate School Principal, adds that Mrs. Whitton is one of the hardest working people she has ever met. If she sees a need, she is one who will problem solve and tackle it head-on. She often volunteers to help out or if she is unable to help, she will make sure to communicate the need to ensure that it is properly addressed. She is definitely not one who sits back and waits for someone else to speak up, especially when it comes to our students and their individual academic needs. What is more impressive is that regardless of the assigned task, Julie is always enthusiastic and positive. She is a great team member and an invaluable asset on our campus.